Sports Performance Analysis

How we use data for the betterment of sport!

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Enhancing performance

Our strength lies in the development and implementation of new technologies that help measure individual or team performances. Analysis of data to improve performance is a need of the hour in the sporting world.

Aiding coaches

Data analysis and coaching work in tandem to improve team strategies and also technical aspects of each player. The ultimate aim is the growth of the team and its players. 

Marrying stats with team strategies

The reliance of sport on numbers has increased drastically and data analysis is now a necessity for a team’s success. Analyzing trends and past performances help develop solid team strategies. 

Franchise based leagues

The glitz and glamour of sporting leagues around the world have resulted in high-pressure competitions with very little margin of error. Precise analysis of data helps avoid minute errors and the team is fully equipped to handle the demands of the game 

We at Zenminds Sporting Technologies are proud to be a part of Sports Performance Analysis in Cricket and Kabaddi. Detailed performance analysis in cricket enables domestic teams and franchises to work on the areas of improvement alongside situational practice. With all the teams having data and analysis about all the players it comes down to how good the data is used in analyzing a game or a player. Further, we have performance analysts who work on capturing live data, aligning it to the requirement, and presenting it accordingly for a match helping the teams in game plans.

In Cricket, we work with a few franchise teams in TNPL and are looking to expand our horizon by partnering with domestic teams. Curating stats and analysis in a way coaches and players want is an additional advantage provided by us and our analysts.

In Kabaddi we are currently working with Dabang Delhi for Pro Kabaddi League in which we cater them with player and team stats along with analysis for Raiders and Defenders. Performance analysis in Kabaddi has helped teams in building the required squad during the auction which is then reflected on the mat during the tournament.