Sports Data feeds and APIs


The passion for sports data and analysis has sparked amongst millions of fans and everyone is keen on getting game-related scores and stats on the go. Modern day fans actively wish to get their hands on live stats and scores of players and teams involved, via an app or website during a game.
Keeping fan engagement in mind, we at Zenminds Sporting Technologies provide easy access to reliable data feeds for apps and websites through which they engage their fans. The option of customizing our APIs according to the requirements for a seamless feed integration will be a blessing in disguise for the apps and websites which use them.

With fantasy platform operators on the verge of hitting a new high, each one would require an engagement opportunity for their app with players getting required stats and staying on the platform. Sports websites these days can’t just stop with just team and tournament information, therefore we help them with APIs for Match Scorecards and Leaderboards for fans to engage directly on their website and increase footfall. This also provides a separate projection for Sponsors to integrate within it.
Data feeds will be provided in .xml or .json which can then be integrated to the app or website directly.

APIs available with us:
  • Match Scorecard APIs
  • Tournament Leaderboards – Batting
  • Tournament Leaderboards – Bowling
  • Odds predictor
  • Player Stock Value Determination – Ball by Ball
  • Ball by Ball Live Commentary